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Support Ptil Tekhelet

We at Ptil Tekhelet firmly believe that the renewal of the mitzvah of Tekhelet is something which should be permanent, for generations to come. As such, we have committed ourselves to ensuring that if and when one wants to adopt the mitzvah of Tekhelet, it will be available, easy to obtain, and of the highest quality.

Due to the increasing demand, Ptil Tekhelet has taken on the daunting goal of tripling its production capabilities over the next 12 months!

That means:

  • Expanding the inventory, supply-chain, and ongoing delivery of Tekhelet dye and other raw materials
  • Broadening our production facilities and manufacturing capabilities
  • Improving the efficiency of our methods and processes (through new designs and targeted research)

Ptil Tekhelet, as always, is working on a number of exciting projects aimed at expanding awareness of the beautiful mitzvah of Tekhelet, and making it available to a wider audience. We look to you at the end of the year to help fund our projects and educational activities including subsidies for soldiers and Yeshiva students, publications, lectures and research, and finalizing construction of a Visitors Center.

We ask those who feel our work is important, those who  want to see their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren having the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of tekhelet, to show their support and to join in helping us ensure that Tekhelet is available for each and every person who seeks to perform this beautiful mitzvah.