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Support Ptil Tekhelet’s Next Chapter

Over the past three decades, Ptil Tekhelet has been producing Tekhelet strings from our modest facility in the Judean desert. Our mission is simple yet profound: to ensure that the full expression of the mitzvah of tzitzit reaches Jewish communities worldwide.

The recent surge in demand, both from direct consumers and stores, has stretched our production capacities to their limit. Moreover, the pause in our educational tours due to the pandemic has underscored the need for space to resume these enlightening experiences.

To address these challenges, we’ve embarked on the Ptil Tekhelet Building Project. Our plan? A new facility featuring dedicated production spaces, a comprehensive Educational Center, and a Factory Store. This expansion will not only support our growing production needs but also present the rich story  of Tekhelet allowing it to be experienced by visitors from all corners of the globe.

Our building project is nearing completion and we hope to open our doors to the public within the next few months!

As a non-profit, our goal has always been to keep Tekhelet affordable and accessible. To make this vision a reality, we need your support. We invite you to contribute to our cause and help secure the future of Ptil Tekhelet for the next generations. Join us in this pivotal moment, and together, let’s secure the legacy of Tekhelet so that it remains vibrant and thriving into the future.

For information regarding dedications and endowments please contact: